Truth about Russian beach girls


Why going to a beach?

As you probably know, Russia in the view of its vast territory has at least 100,000 rivers of all sizes. The number of lakes is even more difficult to count. So no wonder Russian girls love to spend their time on the beaches.

Moreover, the climate of the country is very diverse and the southern regions are extremely hot. Thus, the girls find it refreshing to go to the beach and relax on the sun while listening to the wash of the waves. And also because of the hot climate, a new generation of seashore girls emerged.

However, in the regions with cooler climate, seaside ladies have to take the most out of their few days on the sun. Thus, they go for a swim in the river right in the middle of the city feeling no shame for walking downtown in their swimming suits.

Russian coast culture

By the way, since we have already mentioned the swimming suits, I have to warn you: they are not like the swimming suits you saw before. The swimming suits of Russian beach girls are extremely uncovered.  They claim that wearing a swimming suit that makes them look very sexy is their way of expressing their inner personality.

Russian girls are very much straight-forward. Moreover, they know that at last half of the world believes that they are the most beautiful women on planet. Therefore, they knowing their own worth are nor afraid or ashamed to express themselves through such costumes.

Beach girls love being on the beaches for a few reasons: it is a place to meet new people, to enjoy a hot day near the water with your favorite book or to exercise.

As you probably understood, going to a shoreline is a classic way of Russian girls to attract men and make connections. You can have fun in the water or start a water fight – whatever it takes to spend time together and get to know each other better.

And not only that: a day on a beach is perfect day to leave your daily routine behind and enjoy a few pages from your favorite book. By the way, there are even special lists of books that are the best books to read while at the beach. Among the books that Russian seaside girls take to read by the sea are “Jeeves and Wooster”, “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, “The Legend of 1900”, “Tender Is the Night”, and “Three men in a boat to say nothing of the dog”.

And finally, Russian beach girl see seaside days as an opportunity to exercise after spending long working days in their offices. They play active games like beach volleyball, water polo, or tag in the water. They know how to make the most fun of such days, so you will be lucky if you get a chance to join them.

Russian girls know everything about the best ways of spending bright fantastic time at the seashore, so come along and have fun with them!