International Women’s Day Russia – Pieces of History


International Women’s Day Russia – What Should You Know?

The situation with the women’s day in Russia is a bit mixed. The point is that it has historically developed from the time of Kiev Russ when girls were treated with special respect comparing them with their western counterparts during the Early Middle Ages. It is understood that at those times, a woman did not possess the rights equal to those of a man; however, a single woman in Kiev Russ had more rights than the one from Western Europe. However, if one takes a look at Russian girls now and compares them with ladies from the U.S.A., so the situation has changed dramatically. Perhaps this is because of the fact that during Kiev Russ there was a nice treatment of ladies, and they did not need to fight for their rights in such way that American and European ladies now do, which has switched the situation to the contrary mode.

Russian Women’s Day – Facts to Know

Speaking of happy women’s day in Russian, there are a lot of categories of females who should be congratulated. Any way whichever is true, but Slavic girls appreciate a lot the ancient traditions and consider that their main obligation is to educate children. After graduating from high school, European girls try to finish a university and start the career. And only afterwards, they plan to meet their future husband and make a family. Even when they have new-born kids, European ladies do not forget about their career and are not afraid to leave their children for baby-sitter’s education. On the contrary, Slavic girls are different from their western counterparts and have absolutely different priorities. Therefore, kids and men appreciate Russian females higher, and in this international women’s day in Russia, they try to do everything so that their mother would feel herself as a special one.

On the contrary to Eastern females, Russian girls even now have highly developed maternity instinct, which predominates over a desire to collect material wealth and to make a wonderful career. This deals with the influence of society; thus, in this country, a forty-year-old woman who is still unmarried and has no children is considered to be handicapped despite her successful career. Even so, mostly Russians think that an aim of any girl is to stay at home and look after children, whereas a career and keeping a family is a business of men. Thus, at the forefront of the international womens day Russia, husbands usually fuss around trying to buy a special gift to their women.

Russian businesswoman is currently quite a rare person to meet, but within years, it has been becoming the usual thing to find a female holding the business and performing work which has been initially intended for males. Therefore, a Russian womens day is not that awaited holiday for such female entrepreneur. And even if such a lady starts a family, she would rather make a present for Russian womans day to her daughters or if none. Considering all the above, womens day in Russia for businesswoman is nothing more than one more holiday for her to unwind.